My Background

My top five talents have been identified as achiever, competition, learner, input, and individualization (Strengthfinders Talents Report). I continue to strive to cultivate these talents into strengths that I can utilize to add value to my family, friends, clients, and YOU! I played football at the collegiate level and then briefly in the NFL which fed my competitive nature. I had the great experience of working as a Franchise Consultant with Jimmy Johns, a Director of Sales at a Tech Startup and leveraged that experience to partner with restaurant brands in creating customer experience measurement programs that help increase loyalty and drive business. I lead sales training as well as coaching, consulting, and mentoring people and companies.

I am passionate about reshaping the Sales Landscape between vendors and brands into win-win collaborations through strategy, training and creating the right habits around the right priorities.

My hobbies include my faith, spending time with my friends and family, voraciously reading, writing, cooking and eating Kansas City BBQ.

The skills I am proficient in are:

  • Sales – strategy, training and implementation
  • Psychology based results
  • Strengthfinders
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social Engineering
  • Communication
  • Fitness

I enjoy meeting new people who are looking to becoming the best versions of themselves. I’d love to connect with you – take the first step and simply say hi.

“Be great, nothing else pays.”