We have identified 3 key areas in businesses that are either hindering or fueling a companies growth strategy: filling the funnel with engaged leads, converting leads into opportunities and then opps into new clients, and implementing efficient processes that allow your people to focus on profit producing activities. 


We pride ourselves on listening to our clients needs, and that's why we have created the following ways to work with us:

Prospecting is tough, but it is what sets mediocre sales teams apart from the most productive and successful ones. We will help you evaluate your current prospecting plan, fill in the gaps where needed, or build you one from scratch. Below are some of the items we have helped our clients with in regards to prospecting.

Once a new lead has entered into the top of your funnel, now what? With competition increasing everyday, your cost per lead could be on the rise. Converting new leads into opportunities is a crucial component to the success of the growth of your company. 

We believe that technology fuels growth, but is not the answer to all your questions. Technology simply helps great sales people be more productive and focus on adding value to their prospective clients. Processes also allow your team members to be focusing on their profit producing activities and not data-entry.

At LiveFree consulting, we take a no-size-fits all approach. If your needs are not addressed in one of the areas above, contact us. We work with clients on custom projects regularly.If we can't help you, we know someone who can and am happy to make the introduction.