I like to think one of my talents God provided me with is the ability to see trends. Trends that come from many different sources but are ultimately teaching the same concepts. For example, I will be reading a book and studying one of the concepts, then I will be listening to an audio in my car and hear a similar concept but put a completely different way, and finally I will be working with my Mastermind group or my Accountability partner when he says the same things! It’s as if the universe is smacking me in the head saying “Listen, this is something you need to focus on!”

With that being said, my overall theme this year has been focused on mastering my “inner game.” I have been studying books on emotional intelligence or EQ for short, social psychology, psycho cybernetics and neuro-linguistic programming. The realization that I have come to is that it is just as important to feed, nourish, and exercise our minds as it is our bodies. The brain is a muscle, and we must do our best to keep it healthy and grow it stronger.

I want to give you a brief overview of a new series of posts that I will be working on. One of my mentors and great authors Ron Willingham opened my eyes to what we will call the “inner game.”

Here is a diagram that illustrates what I understand to be emotional intelligence:



New Discoveries About Breakthroughs

  1. We all have an inner belief boundary that defines who we are, what’s possible for us to achieve, and what life rewards we enjoy.
  2. This boundary is based on your past perceptions, and not on actual fact or truth.
  3. We live out these inner beliefs without questioning their authenticity.
  4. We have a strong inner need to hold on to these old beliefs and experience difficulty releasing them.
  5. Your achievements and life circumstances won’t significantly change until you release the need to hold on to these old beliefs and move past them to new goals.

Success is an inside game. Become the person that deserves the goals you want to achieve.

“Be great, nothing else pays.”