Let’s be honest – no two relationships are the same. Therefore; there isn’t a one size fits all recipe for the man you need to become or should be in a relationship.

Life changes. Times change. The world changes. Roles change. When dealing with people, unpredictability is inevitable. If you want to get ahead, you need to be able to role with the punches. The number one role that man needs to play in a relationship is one of agape love. Remember when your mom told you she had unconditional love for you? Agape love is similar, only for your spouse. Agape love is simply defined as a love that that serves regardless of circumstances. Guys, your lady is going to be emotional, that is in her DNA. Don’t try and change that – you will fail. Instead, embrace the fact that she is emotional, understand it, or at least try to. Empathy can go a long way.

Action step: Trade your expectations for appreciations. Instead of applying expectations on to your ladies that they can never live up to, try appreciating them for the unique personalities they have. Remember, God created her, and God only created what is good. There is a great book called Love and Respect which helped me understand a truth in our relationships.Men are searching and longing for one MAIN item in their relationships – Respect. Women are searching for one MAIN item in their relationships – Love. Guys – when you get in a tiff with your lady, instead of clamming up and “being the bigger person,” try showing her love in the midst of strife. The feeling you will receive from the respect she will show you will blow your mind. Sure, there are other roles men need to play in their relationships – but they will all stem from agape love. If you can master the role of an agape lover, it will bring comfort, strength, empathy, patience, security, and many more to your relationships.